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Banished through american dream Sharif kesbeh recently heard that america is deporting his eldest son to jordan, and he glowing.Family will now be reunited today, inshallah, after incisively one year, he tells.Twenty year old alaa had called his parents from the detroit airport that morning to give them the news he was being free of detention and would soon be put on a plane bound for amman, the last of the kesbehs to be expelled from the american.Prefer to live a miserable life anywhere alternate to be detained, says sharif as he and his family set off for amman queen alia airport terminal to welcome alaa home to a country where he never lived before.Sharif, his girl, asmaa, their five children and youngest son slump in their metal chairs, looking very little in the dim, gray expanse of the at the ready room.Anticipations gives way to anxiety.It's, they get concerned, the us citizens took alaa back to jail.Or maybe he being detained by the jordanian security applications, who might want to know why he been thrown out of the us where he and his family made their home for 11 years. When other kesbehs arrived in amman a year ago from their home in houston, they were inhibited for hours by police incredulous at their story.The jordanians could scarcely believe that an entire family would be kicked out of the us with nothing but what they could carry unless they had committed some great crime. The kesbeh boys, by their texas accents and elementary arabic, were also confused, though they known that which was coming.Aside from the youngest, afnan, a us citizen, they all have jordanian passports similar to their parents, but they never lived in the uk before, and prior to the very last moment, they were sure that some miracle would keep them at home in the world.First day right, my kids could not believe it that possibly not in america, shows sharif. A year later at a matching airport, waiting their brother, the kesbeh kids are still longing elsewhere. That we here because we finding comfort houston, says 19 years old sondos.With your girlfriend long, sagging hair, tight pink pants and black high heel pumps, she stands in defiant contrast to a good number of jordanian women in their hijabs, or islamic head neckties. Day dream, says 17 years old hadeel, her fluorescent, blond streaked hair retracted in a ponytail. Left all areas sweet behind, says their sister, 40 yr old asmaa, to whom, with her head scarf and stitched robe, is the only woman inherited who blends in in amman. Says 21 yr old noor, is bad. At manchester international, a burglar alarm guard presses his face to a nearby plexiglas window, staring intently at these younger ladies with their lip gloss and, excepting noor and asmaa, exposed heads.Hadeel stares angrily, unflinchingly home.You read how guys here stare at you?She demand, a hard twang in their own voice.They are things, nicely.They hit a woman.It a very corrupt the community.When he eventually looks away, your lover smirks.Received, states. Presenting quietly, noor, a very lithe, doe eyed hunny who looks younger than 21 but acts older, says she concerned with her younger sisters alienation from their new home.Problem is they think they be ever bothering you again to houston soon, states.Still haven unpacked almost. Now, even if, the kesbehs have little chance of time for texas.They joined the thousands of other arab and muslim immigrants deported from the nation since sept.11, At a largest mass expulsions in American history.In the weeks and months after the enemy attacks, attorney general john ashcroft launched a series of crackdowns aimed entirely at illegal immigrants from muslim countries.Thousands were put together and detained, are likely to for months, and near to 20, 000 were put into deportation cases.More are being added regular. Many of them have children who are americans, driving them into a brutal choice:The two uproot their kids, or leave them at home.Usual, proclaims sam quiah, community coordinator for the asian american legal defense and education fund, a nonprofit whose attorneys have displayed many post 9/11 deportees.Will be torn apart.The costa rica government began treating immigration violations as a corollary of terrorism, there was little room to take individual types of conditions into account.My kesbehs, parents and kids alike, were from the center east, and they were in america illegally.It didn matter that people broken no other law, that sharif always paid taxes on his market(Much that involved, of things, selling yankee flags).It didn matter that your kids knew no home but houston. They still find aliens in their new city, a sprawl of inelegant sand colored buildings linked by streets normally lack sidewalks.Built on seven mountains, amman used to be the roman city of philadelphia, and it still boasts an old amphitheater in the city center, but with the centuries it declined into a mere village.Only in the previous few decades has it been built up again, constructed in the style of l.A, without souqs and promenades which you could easily enter into the life of the place.On many streets there are far more armed policemen than pedestrians.Spot suspended over roads, posted in the windows of dingy shawarma is an abbreviation for, greeting arrivals at edinburgh airport are photos of jordan pudgy cheeked king abdullah.It is against the law to criticize him, something still strikes the american educated kesbeh kids as very strange. Sharif, a lumbering 55 yr old man given to eloquent lamentations and dramatic hyperbole, speaks about his family calamity as if it were unique out of all world, but you have others like them.A 45 minute drive from the kesbeh condo in crowded east amman live the abu shabayeks, a palestinian category of nine ejected from america, where they lived for a dozen years in idaho, in the vicinity raleigh.Five of their seven children are americans.The eldest two had to drop out of their jordanian high schools merely barely speak arabic, and the youngest five are deteriorating in every subject except english.Their new district is a barren place on the edge of the city sprawl where herds of goats and long brown bedouin tents are interspersed with low concrete housing blocks.They've no friends here. Hanan abu shabayek, 17, looks jordanian collectively hijab and long gray robe, but she speaks with a honeyed the southern part of accent.Just feel that the entire world Tipping apart, her bronx born 13 yr old sister, haneen, finishes her term. Noor kesbeh In one year later the 2002 pre dawn raid that ended their american idyll, the kesbeh family tried everything imaginable to remain in the states.Democratic rap.Sheila jackson lee introduced a bill inside your home that would have granted them legal residency.Rapublican distributor.Daryl issa, an arab american from los angeles, spoke out for him or her, and boston sen.Ted kennedy reportedly intervened with immigration law to delay their deportation. In post 9/11 usa, whereas, it proved difficult for a family of illegal arab immigrants to garner enough political support to stay.Such like march 28, 2003, these folks put on a plane bound first for amsterdam, holland, and then he will for amman.Noor and her father swear that the immigration law agents, after contending the kesbehs for so long, high fived some other as they sent them off. Only one continued to be behind the oldest son, alaa, still in my teens.The previous night their flight, he fled to a colleague house, hoping he could go to the other state and disappear.The law system. The mass deportations that have marooned so many in unfamiliar homelands happened in several the overlap golf stages.The first occurred soon after sept.11, When regarding Arab and Muslim men were rounded up by the FBI, Interrogated, Locked up, Often for months whilst not having charges, And then put on planes back to their own personal countries. Khaled abu shabayek, hanan and haneen 40 yr old father, was embroiled in the tail end of these sweeps.At april 18, 2002, abu shabayek, an electrical contractor, stopped by a walgreens on his way back home to new york from a job in tennessee.As he pulled into the car park, 20 or 30 policemen were all around him.They arrested him and took him to a tn jail, where he was interrogated by states, something that happens seven or eight times as he was moved from prison to prison for the next four months and 25 days. Ask me about bin filled, if i am sure him, abu shabayek remembers, peering behind thick gla**** in his telly room harsh artificial light.They ask me as regards to hamas, and also the jihad, or those who who make sept.11.Like additional palestinian detainees, abu shabayek reports being questioned extensively about his feelings toward israeli pm ariel sharon.Ask me in regard to sharon, you wish sharon or not?What do you feel about the sharon visit to the aqsa mosque what your opinion?Abu shabayek predicts.Consult me, we give back to jordan, ya think to go to israel and make trouble? Always, he admits that, the interrogators weren whom bad.It the guards who had been cruel.Me would voice, the people who make right now, they might fair.Ghanaians who deal with us in the jail, definitely very tough, particularly with Air Jordan 3 For Sale muslim people.At many point, he was make the h*** for 21 days.He states he still doesn know why. The roundups were only the beginning.In december 2002, the justice department instituted the nation's security entry exit registration system, or special combination, which required men from most arab or muslim countries to report to immigration law officials to be fingerprinted, took pictures of and interviewed.On 85, 000 men who came forward to join up, around 13, 000 were either deported or put into deportation courtroom action.Keep away from 2003, the software suspended much of the program, but no relief was handed to those it had already ensnared. In between the start of post 9/11 sweeps and the start of special registration, there was the absconder strain initiative, a justice agency program to crack down on the 314, 000 immigrants who remained in the land despite their deportation orders.As the houston post It was the absconder initiative that in the end led eight armed agents to burst into the kesbehs houston house before daybreak on march 29 of that year.It led to sharif and alaa kesbeh spending six months in prison properly, and then to alaa spending additional time in prison alone.And it led to the neon lit, two bedroom apartment in a conservative section of east amman where today the kesbehs try to discover how to restart their lives. It not an easy destination to be a newcomer, with regard to noor and her sisters.Boys play in the kesbehs poth***d road, but girls stay within it.There nowhere in their online community to walk to except jumbled corner stores and butcher shops where skinned lambs hang wh*** outside.You will find many stores concrete walls are decorated with photos of sheik ahmed yassin, the recently assassinated hamas leader whose white bearded face stares toward heaven on posters in poorer parts of the city.

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