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Fishing is a great thing to do as leisure activity.Lets join this group and share your adventures.Cheers

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شركة تنظيف شقق بتبوك

Started by elsayedosama. Last reply by elsayedosama Sep 22, 2016. 2 Replies

من المعروف ان تنظيف المنازل من بين اهم الخدمات الضرورية في التنظيف والترقية بمنازلنا الى مصاف المنازل العصرية والتي عرفت تنظيفا عصريا من شانه ان يوفر لساكنته ظروفا حياتية راقية ولابد من توفر هيئة…Continue

Tie Traces the Correct Length

Started by Kay Eve. Last reply by tamer ahmeds Feb 15, 2016. 7 Replies

For snapper fishing 1 metre 20 to 30 kg (40-50lb) traces are best.Storing traces and terminal…Continue

Tags: Fishing

What to Know About Fishing With Live Bait

Started by Hushaini Dasuki Aug 23, 2013. 0 Replies

 By Christeen Savinovich ,Live bait is one of the best ways to catch larger fish, but before you switch over to this form of luring, there are a few things you should know about fishing with them.…Continue

Tags: Kayak, Species, Fishing, Fly, Deepsea

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Comment by Saleem Jumain on July 5, 2013 at 4:43am

Bite indicators

Main article: Bite indicator

Different types of fishing floats.

A bite indicator is a mechanical or electronic device which indicates to an angler that something is happening at the hook end of the fishing line. There are many types of bite indicators. Which ones work best depends on the type of fishing.

Other devices which are widely used as bite indicators are floats which float in the water, and dart about if a fish bites, and quiver tips which are mounted onto the tip of the fishing rod. Bite alarms are electronic devices which bleep when a fish tugs a fishing line. Whereas floats and quiver tips are used as visual bite detectors, bite alarms are audible bite detectors.


Comment by Saleem Jumain on July 5, 2013 at 4:42am


Main article: Fish hook

A fish hook

The use of the hook in angling is descended, historically, from what would today be called a “gorge”. The word “gorge”, in this context, comes from an archaic word meaning “throat”. Gorges were used by ancient peoples to capture fish. A gorge was a long, thin piece of bone or stone attached by its midpoint to a thin line. The gorge would be fixed with a bait so that it would rest parallel to the lay of the line. When a fish swallowed the bait, a tug on the line caused the gorge to orient itself at right angles to the line, thereby sticking in the fish’s gullet.

A fish hook is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. Fish hooks have been employed for millennia by fishermen to catch fresh and saltwater fish. Early hooks were made from the upper bills of eagles and from bones, shells, horns and thorns of plants (Parker 2002). In 2005, the fish hook was chosen by Forbes as one of the top twenty tools in the history of man.[2] Fish hooks are normally attached to some form of line or lure device which connects the caught fish to the fisherman. There is an enormous variety of fish hooks. Sizes, designs, shapes, and materials are all variable depending on the intended purpose of the hook. They are manufactured for a range of purposes from general fishing to extremely limited and specialized applications. Fish hooks are designed to hold various types of artificial, processed, dead or live baits (bait fishing); to act as the foundation for artificial representations of fish prey (fly fishing); or to be attached to or integrated into other devices that represent fish prey (lure fishing).

Comment by Saleem Jumain on July 5, 2013 at 4:40am


Main article: Fishing line

Fishing line with hooks attached

A fishing line is a cord used or made for fishing. The earliest fishing lines were made from leaves or plant stalk (Parker 2002). Later lines were constructed from horse hair or silk thread, with catgut leaders. From the 1850s, modern industrial machinery was employed to fashion fishing lines in quantity. Most of these lines were made from linen or silk, and more rarely cotton.

Modern lines are made from artificial substances, including nylon, polyethylene, dacron and dyneema. The most common type is monofilament made of a single strand. Fishermen often use monofilament because of its buoyant characteristics and its ability to stretch under load. Recently, other alternatives to standard nylon monofilament lines have been introduced made of copolymers or fluorocarbon, or a combination of the two materials. There are also braided fishing lines, cofilament and thermally fused lines, also known as ‘superlines’ for their small diameter, lack of stretch, and great strength relative to standard nylon monofilament lines.

Important parameters of a fishing line are its length, material, and weight (thicker, sturdier lines are more visible to fish). Factors that may determine what line an angler chooses for a given fishing environment include breaking strength, knot strength, UV resistance, castability, limpness, stretch, abrasion resistance, and visibility.

Fishing with a hook and line is called angling. In addition to the use of the hook and line used to catch a fish, a heavy fish may be landed by using a landing net or a hooked pole called a gaff. Trolling is a technique in which a fishing lure on a line is drawn through the water. Snagging is a technique where the object is to hook the fish in the body.

Comment by Saleem Jumain on July 5, 2013 at 4:32am

Salam admin terima kasih

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